Juneau Alaska ASAP! April 22 2013

This trip has been in question all season... but, plane tickets were purchased Friday (before going out UpSkiing), so now we are going!!... and departure is Thursday:  Quick... Pack!! Destination:  Juneau Ice Field Goal: have a damn good time... and put our equipment to the test in bigger mountains. Puzzle Pieces: Fly to Juneau, Hele/bush plane to glacier, spend week or more on the ice, wish we didn't have to come home, be back in time for memorial weekend on Independence pass I'd post photos... but they wouldn't be mine... so that will wait until afterwards.  But pics online look incredible.  Ice/glacier surface is at ~4000' with peaks rising above 8000'. This glacier was also discussed in the recent movie: Chasing Ice which covers the work of the Extreme Ice Survey.  If you haven't seen this film... you need to!... check out the trailer  http://www.chasingice.com/see-the-film/trailer/