its coming together November 18 2013

We've just pushed a lot of work through the shop in the last week, with much thanks to our dedicated sewing posse!  We will have finished product available by Dec 15th. The UpSkiis we'll have available this season are Red/Black and Orange/Black.  We'll also have a few Blue/Burgondy, and Yellow/Black.  We've brought the overall weight down to 10lb (last year we were at 11lbs).  Much of our most recent weight reductions are within the harness where we have made some excellent improvements that increase comfort and safety while also reducing weight and pack volume.  Overall- this is just under 9lb for the canopy and controls, & just over 1lb for the size medium harness. We're also changing our packing instructions from last year such that we can collapse & pack an Upski even faster... under 2 minutes in nearly all circumstances. Once again we'll be having our holiday sale at the shop November 30th. UpSki will be just one of 9 shops open for the sale & party in the business park.  (expect food and beer) A portion of proceeds will go to one of the following non-profits:
  • Spring Gulch Nordic Council,
  • Carbondale Community School
  • Waldorf School