ExtraHuge bags for XtraCycles November 28 2013

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Some background info:  an Xtracycle is a bicycle add-on which extends the length of a standard bike (typically a 26" hard-tail bike - ie. your old mountain bike). An Xtracycle with UpSki bags can expand your rear wheel carrying capacity from 40 Liters to well over 100 liters... just in the bags. It can also provide seating for multiple children and/or your hot date!  Check out The Family Ride's review of our bags at:  http://www.thefamilyride.com/upski-extrahuge-bags/ While Wind Mountaineering may seem hardcore... it pales compared to bike touring thousands of miles across the Rocky Mountains with 3 children age 10 & under and a HUGE dog... yes- this family is the real deal!!!  Read about their journey on TheFamilyRide.com We've sold many of these bags..and not just in the USA!  Tony A. our quality inspector gives these two thumbs up! These bags are a steal at $250 shipped on our kickstarter campaign through Dec 19th! AND... we really need this money to fund our demo equipment for UpSkiing!! Color choices currently in production: