from Sweden March 06 2014

We're far north right now in Abisko, (Sweden). Today we caught a once per day snow cat ride for 1hr high into the mountains near the  Laktatjakta station to upski for a few hours before skiing back down.  Winds have been W to S. and while we were out today started at 20mph sustained but had increased to 35mph average with 50mph max gust.  also the air is thicker (we are at 600-1400m) thus- quite powered. This thick air and strong wind will teach us a few new things I'm quite sure.
Temperature have been -2 to +4 deg C... quite warmer than average.  Snow conditions are un-breakable crust, which the locals describe as unusually bad. However the cat/snowmobile track through the mountains leaves a good path of softer groomed snow  for travel.
Between signposts, rock outcroppings, fast hard snow, and strong wind conditions were quite technical. I quickly climbed ~500' to the summit ridge above the station in 5 minutes. Megan & Classe were more challenged to maneuver the terrain at such speed and did not climb so high.
We will spend one more day here before heading south to a different region. The mountains and enviroment are beautiful and rightfully so as we are ~140miles north of the Arctic Circle (68deg N). Abisko is an interesting tourist village defined by internationals coming to see the northern lights, and Swedish coming for the few dozen ski lifts & piste areas. I am worried that we will experience days with poor visibility that will keep us out of the high mountains. But, so far it has been good , the terrain possibilities here are very exciting and it appears the winds will continue.  
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