Kevin & Megan get hitched!! September 22 2014

Megan and Kevin Passmore August 31st 2014

Megan and I tied the knot August 31st. 

Getting Hitched at Rock Bottom Ranch

Rock Bottom Ranch PoleBarn, Basalt, Colorado with the Telluride Posse

We are very delighted that so many of our friends and family members were able to come and be a part of the celebration - which turned out to be quite the party! We were very thankful to our many good friends who rode bikes to and from the Ceremony, and especially to Jon & Sam for riding our 'divorce bike' (aka The Tandem) to the ceremony so that us newly weds could mount it together and ride the 6miles from the ceremony to our campsite at midnight with friends and a bottle of wine.  

Passmore Wedding Rock Bottom Ranch Basalt Colorado

I owe a huge thanks to Megan for working so hard planning everything and putting up with me. Things are still settling down from all the wild times. 

Megan & I used our 'honeymoon' as an excuse to take off on another bike tour and I will dedicate the next few posts to chronicle the good times of what we dubbed: "The Honeymoon Tour".  This tour, I promised her would be fun, relaxed, have great food, and not be too fast paced.

The HoneyMoon Tour

What I didn't tell her is that we'd also be riding many hours after dark, climb more than 15,000 feet of vertical, traverse the continental divide twice above 12,000ft... that we'd leave behind the comfort of pavement for Colorado's most challenging 4x4 road - and she'd love it anyway! More coming...