Geoff Riding West September 27 2014

Geoff sent his first trip report from northern Idaho in route to the Pacific. Geoff is part of our sewing team and all around awesome guy. Aside from being a very talented craftsman – he is also one of the best raft guides in the valley. Although we will dearly miss him in the shop, we are even more excited for the adventure he has taken on. This is his first long distance bike trip.

From Geoff:  

Geoff Xtracycle tour Idaho Salmon

First rest day in Sandpoint, Idaho on day 5 of the tour!  On Sept 22nd I started biking from Whitefish, MT after hanging out in Glacier. Spent my first night along the Tobacco River near Rexford. There was Salmon in the river and bear scat everywhere.

Day 2 I rode next to Lake Koocanusa, an extremely long reservoir which took most of the day. When I got to the Kootenai River a golden eagle flew down in front of me and it's wingspan was almost as wide as the road.

Geoff Xtracycle tour bike

Day 3 went from Libby, MT towards Idaho. Stopped for a short hike to Kootenai Falls then rode along the Cabinet Mountains. Beautiful peaks and lakes. I found camp along the Bull River.

Kootenai Falls
Geoff Xtracycle tour Kootenai Falls

Cabinet Mountains

Geoff Xtracycle tour Cabinet Mountains

Day 4 was a beautiful ride to Sandpoint along Lake Pend Oreille. I got into town around 5pm got a room for the night and to Mick Duffs brewery for a burger and IPA!  Today I plan on biking around town and relaxing a bit and probably heading out later to camp and continue on towards the cascades!

Lake Pend Oreille

Geoff Xtracycle tour Idaho