Geoff Riding West Part III October 12 2014

 Geoff's XytraCycle Bike tour from Montana to San Francisco continues. I got a chance to talk to Geoff a few days ago... he was trying to identify some sort of Loch Ness monster out in the bay. His next move is to head into the Olympic Peninsula. From Geoff: 

After leaving Tonasket on day 10 I set out for loup loup pass which was a long day to the town of Twisp. I got in just before dark and saw a motel and a brewery and the decision was made. I needed a break and this was a good spot.  Washington has been great so far and people are loving my bike. I've been eating a lot of local pears and there are orchards everywhere.  The next day I set out for a much easier day and biked through Winthrop and towards the base of the next pass. Winthrop was a cool old western style town.

Day 12 I set out for Wasington and Rainy passes. It was a beautiful day and I was surrounded by jagged peaks, cascading waterfalls and glaciers.  I found a campsite for the night at Diablo lake and decided this would be a great spot for a rest day/check out North Cascades NP. I did some hiking, met some nice people and even got to eat trout from the lake cooked over the fire.  Day 14 I left the cascades early and set out for a 75 mile ride to bay view and got picked up by a good friend Dan Hall to stay with in nearby Arlington and get ready for the next part of the trip!  The sunset was amazing with the Cascades behind me and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.