Geoff Tour Part 6/7 Astoria - Gold Beach October 23 2014

From Geoff: 


Day 24 I left Astoria after drying off from the rainy night at a coffee shop while watching the sea lions. I left town and set out passing Fort Clatsop, a big site for the Lewis and Clark National Heritage Park.  Next beach was Seaside. It rained on and off but I made it to a state park outside of Canon Beach with an incredible view for the night.

Day 25 I left Canon Beach and kept flying down the coast past Tillamook to Cape Lookout State Park. Beautiful sunny day.  I met a couple other bikers before catching sunset on the beach.


Day 26 I woke up and met some other bikers at the camp and they invited me to bike with them. So I took off with Jarney, Josh, and Beth. It rained on us and we stopped at a beach/ Pelican Brewery and had some tasters. Beth was having bike issues so she took the bus to meet in Newport. My phone had been dead a lot since I can't use my solar panel. Hoping for more sun!  We took off from the brewery and it poured rain on us the hardest it has the whole trip. We made it to Lincoln City soaked and needed cover for the night. We biked all around and found that the skatepark was covered with a big awning so we decided that would work... until a cop woke us up in the middle of the night to question us. After we explained he let us stay. Later on a raccoon got into my food. Crazy day/night!

Next morning we stopped for some whale watching!  We got to the bike shop in Newport and they had a cyclist lounge/ yoga studio and showers! We spent most the day drying out and fixing bikes. I replaced 2 broken spokes, my back tire and trued the wheel. Bikes doing great now. We headed out and stayed at south beach state park for the night.


Day 28 Josh, Jarney and I biked all day with a stop at the farmers market and camped near Florence after a stop to check out seals!  The coast has been beautiful with waterfalls and creeks on one side and the pacific on the other. We are now getting into some sand dunes.

Day 29 we biked from Florence to North Bend and camped in the sand dunes national recreation area. We had a good day of riding without much rain and we used a cabin at the park for cover for the night. Jarney and Josh are from Saskatchewan, Canada and have been biking from there headed to Mexico. It's been fun biking with them. I've figured I'm at about 1,200 miles so far.


Day 30 we headed out of North Bend for what turned out to be a long day due to a lot of wind and some rain here and there. We stopped in Bandon for lunch after riding the seven devils road (seven hills to go over) and then hit Port Orford just before dark and biked out to humbug state park in the dark with rain and wind. We finally got there and were greeted by other cyclists that had a fire going and set up for the night.

We got up the next day after a night of rain and we all got fairly wet.  About 10 cyclists left the state park and headed south.  The wind was blowing and held us to a short day with a lot of rain.  We crossed a bridge over the Rogue River into Gold Beach.  Everyone seemed to find a place for the night in motels or cabins.