Geoff Tour part 8 Into California November 06 2014

From Geoff: 


Day 32 we left gold beach in the morning and biked with no rain. It was a great day of biking and we hit California in the afternoon!  We kept biking to crescent city and had a place lined up to stay at a church.  There were about 10 of us on the road and we all eventually met there at the end of the day. We got to shower and use a kitchen and a few of us biked over to the beach in the evening.

Day 33 we took advantage of the place we had to cook breakfast and organize gear and got a later start for the day. Everyone headed with Jarney, Josh and I last out the door. After a few miles we were in the Redwoods!  We stopped at the Trees of Mystery and then headed into the national park just as they were closing the road. A storm was coming in for the night with 65 mph winds!  They told us not to sleep under any big trees! Haha were in the redwoods. Anyway we biked downhill through the amazing trees to camp with no cars in the road. Rare and incredible experience. We made a couple stops and came across some of our cyclist friends standing in front of one of the giants before getting to camp. Eventually all eleven of us were camped at elk prairie and slept through the storm.


Day 34 we got up and everyone slowly headed out towards Arcata. I was on a mission to leave early and get to the bike shop with a broken lower bracket and more broken spokes. It was raining and windy and after 5 miles or so I got a flat tire. My other tube had a slow leak so I told everyone I would meet them at the bike shop and I hitchhiked there. After an hour and a half standing in the rain a German guy who had an RV rental picked me up. Garrit at Revolution bike shop in Arcata helped me get rolling again and a guy named Brian hanging at the shop was able to host 5 of us in a spare room for the night. There was free food in the park from a group called food not bombs and it was a great dinner.  We then biked out to see Humboldt Bay and some shooting stars and checked out the town. There was a show with local bands and we told them how far we've biked so they let us on with no cover. Really fun night and Arcata treated us well.