Geoff Tour 9/10 November 10 2014

Talking to Geoff today, he suggested that there is a tandem converted to Xtracycle with a set of our bags touring on the east coast... who may also be reading our blog? If you are said person... it would be awesome to hear/see more! contact us!  From Geoff: 


Day 35 was a rest day. We had beautiful sunny weather in Arcata so we dried out all of our gear in the sun and had a lazy day. We biked out to what is known as the marsh on Humboldt Bay for sunset and slept there for the night.

Day 36 we got up and bike through Eureka and rode about 60 miles to Redwoods Humboldt state park passing through the Avenue of the Giants!  We found a fallen redwood that had tunnels to climb through!

Day 37 we woke up and biked to standish - hickey state park in the redwoods all day again through back roads. Another beautiful day of riding

Day 38 we got up early ready to climb the biggest hill in California on our route. We hit route 1, climbed the hill and had long fun downhill to the beach and the coast highway. It was great to hit the pacific again after being inland for a couple days. We biked to Mackricher state park to set up camp and hike around before an incredible sunset.


Day 39 we left the state park early and went to fort Bragg to catch up on things in the coffee shop and left to stay at a farm for the night. We had a great dinner and got to sleep inside while it rained overnight. Thanks to Judy for hosting us!
We got up the next morning and worked on our bikes and headed out for the day. We spent Halloween in Gualala. When we got there we had burgers and a beer at a bar looking over the ocean for sunset. After eating Halloween candy we biked out to a park in the redwoods and found a hallowed out tree to hang out inside where I carved a pumpkin.

Day 41 we took off leaving Nick behind who had biked with us for a week. He found a job on a farm for two weeks. Jarney, Josh and I continued on to Bodega Bay with beautiful weather and a tailwind. We made a stop at an old Russian settlement Fort Ross.