New Product: Express Creek Sled Duffle February 24 2015

 Here by popular demand? We’re giving it a shot and will find out! Order one by March 5th  to prove your interest. We’ll take a limited number of orders up till that date, and build/ship them to before April for your spring mountaineering expedition.

Why you want one: it gets the job done! It will get your gear from your garage to your snowy destination and keep going to wherever your next camp might be.  It is a no-nonsense design with just the bare essentials. It maximized the allowable bag size for air travel at the lowest weight we could come up with.

The Design:

There is not rigid structure – but instead a flexible highly durable plastic skid sheet.  The sled sheet ‘burrito’ wraps over the top of the bag allowing it to climb through powder. And if you flip it over while towing- it still drags darn well!  The bag will drag fine on non-abrasive surfaces, but we’re pretty sure you’ll wear it thin on concrete and sharp rocks.

An opening with multiple flaps and 9 crisscrossing buckles insures that you’ll be able to over-stuff it with your absurd amount of gear and still be able to get it closed.  Yes… 9 buckles is a little excessive but it inspires confidence at baggage check! We also eliminated the main opening zipper so you do not have to worry about it failing and exploding open.

The Sled runners are key for tracking on snow & ice, but you’ll want to remove them otherwise. They attach by sliding into a nose pocket plus 2 embedded posts with wing-nuts. Thus, no tools are required for installation/removal.  At 10” running length and ¾” height, they provide an impressive amount of holding power!

Sleeves on one end of the bag allow for PVC sled poles to be used for the pulk. The sleeves are sized for ½” PVC pipe (Outside diameter:  7/8”), and we recommend Schedule 40 as it is the thickest variety. In over 10 years I’ve broken a few plastic sleds, but never broken a PVC pipe. The sleeves have grommets and pins included for pinning the PVC in place. Drill ¼” holes a few inches from the end of your PVC  and you’re good.

with out structure and bulk it rolls up nice and tight to stay out of the way when not in use. Especially awesome for cost of shipping and maintaining inventory in our shop!

Express Creek Sled Duffle Rolled

The History:

Years of pulling cheap plastic sleds had been mostly fine for hut trips and winter camping Colorado, but It was always a bit of a hassle to rig up, and always filled with snow. Thus this design culminates from the last 10 years of Hut trips – always wanting a better solution for the box of wine, case of beer, and of course an UpSki or two!

I designed and built the first version a few years ago right before catching a flight to Alaska, after numerous hut trips in 2013 & 14 it traveled around Europe with us for 5 weeks hauling ski boots & UpSkiis!  Multiple re-designs later we have something we really like!

In keeping with our naming theme of features from the Elks, the bag is named after Express Creek – the 5 mile approach to prime UpSkiing terrain and the infamous Goodwin Green hut. I’ve hauled more goodies up Express creek than I dare recall… but for a good reason - having had many of my most epic days exploring in this remote terrain with great friends. 

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