Finishing the Danue bike tour & looking forward October 27 2011

OK, so I have a number of other half written stories about tramping in Russia, walking in Switzerland, biking in Germany, maintaining sanity, eating pasteries, fending off the shreaking eels, and escaping the Fire Swamp. In due time it will all come out. But, I feel abliged to make a more recent update and forcast the next few weeks. So, here we are in the small town of “Ottensheim” Austria: 86km down river from the German boarder and 2144km upriver from the Black Sea. If it were still summer, I'd predict our arrival at the Black Sea to be 20 days out. But its not summer, the days are short, and we are now looking for warmer climate. We've now biked >700km across Germany and into Austria. Starting at Lake Konstanz on the boarder between Germany & Switzerland in frigid weather we rode up into (and through) the Black Forest which was inundated with fog. We then descended down to the headwaters of the Danue (Danube in English) River. Following the river East we entered Bavarian Germany and passed through many towns including Ulm, Regensburg, & Passau. Thus far in 10 days of riding we've only suffered through 1 day of rain (aka yesterdays all day rain) lucky us!! I could write a book about the wonderful weather we've had on this trip... but most people like drama & suspense and this book would not deliver. No flat tires, few broken bike parts, no crisis... yet. Another moment to talk about the bikes: We are the proud owners of bicycles registered in Switzerland. One new Czech built 'Superior' bike with 28in cyclocross/touring wheels. It has a tall 56cm frame and less than top notch components but rides well. The second bike is a 'Marin' 'designed in USA' with a steel 19in frame I estimate it to be circa 1990. In its own day, a top notch bike with great LX components... today still very functional. Our purchasing criteria was price, quality, and durability to survive the trip... so far so good! OK... so... we are now 250km from Vienna (Wien auf Deutch) it is Oct. 28th and here is our plan: Oct 30th: arrive by bike in Vienna Oct 31st: Tour Vienna & train to Innsbruck Nov 1st. Train to Livorno on the western coast of Italy Nov 2nd: take a ferry to the island of Corsica Nov 2nd- 9th tour & bike tour Corsica Nov 10th Ferry & train to Aix en Provance, France Its now 3:30 AM and powered by coffee we've been researching for the last 6 hours to come up with this solution.  The crux of this problem is to get us and our bikes 20+ hours west by train and into warmer weather whilst staying on budget. So, beaches and 75deg weather are finally in the forcast.