January conditions update January 12 2012

Tis the season for rock skis! The US is seeing low snow this year.  Snow reports for California East to Colorado are barely out of the teens and just starting to increase. Some areas are reporting up to 40inches. Farther north in Wyoming through the Canadian Rockies and in BC things look better and in some cases awesome. New Mexico is doing good too.  I am referencing www.snocountry.com  here… you can see for yourself. What does this mean for the average skier like myself? Keep those old rock skis mounted. Leave those wide reverse camber skis at home for the next month no need to tear them up.  Be careful out there: no need to get injured in bad conditions. The real question here is what will happen with our water supplies?  Last year we had the 25year record for highest run off and a huge snowpack.  Looking at the reservoirs:  Lake Powell rose 51ft last year between April 15th and August 1st but today (Jan 12th 2012) is only about 14ft higher than it was today 2011.  It is currently at 61 feet below its full level and at 65% of full capacity.  Lake Mead has been on the continual rise for 14months now, and is 47ft above its level one year ago today. Looking at the snowpack: the Upper Colorado Basin ended last ski season at 250% of its average snowpack. Today it is at 60% compared with ~140% for last year in January. Check out: www.water-data.com to do your own investigation of what our snowpack is doing.  Look at the graphs yourself! What does all this mean for UpSkiing? Well: nothing new! We will be out again this year exploring more locations inside and outside of Colorado.  We are looking forward to the longer days ahead and awesome wind that springtime brings. Cheers - Kevin