On the Move! October 26 2012

UpSki has been housed in the SAW studios (Studio for Arts and Works) since March. But, with the sale of building a few months ago, we are now all on the move. Indeed the walls are literally coming down.  Its an exciting time for all of us... Its an opportunity for new beginnings. UpSki is moving across town to Delores way (right here in Carbondale) and will be adding significant square footage to our production floor.  And we are gaining an awesome view of Mt Sopris! We might be one of the most ecological companies out there right now. The bike trailer is getting more serious use as we are making roughly half of the moving trips to our new space by bike.  (in previous adventures, it has carried UpSkiis, ski's, boots, camping gear and boats to the top of Indy pass for spring skiing ) Well... back to work.  That sewing machine isn't towing itself!!