IFAI summary November 16 2012

We are back from the IFAI, one of the largest international textiles manufacturing tradeshows.  Lots of exciting new technologies are developing, and there is a lot of cool fabric out there! We were very excited to see our favorite sewing machine motors awarded for “Best in Show”. These little (3/4hp) motors are compact, lightweight, and highly energy efficient… allowing us to ever so slightly reduce our energy impact.  And let’s not forget to mention they can crank up to 5000 stitches per minute. What about the Hurricane? Yep, we also made a stop over to Brooklyn, NY.  Wow… it felt like we were walking around in a zombie movie.  The Zombies… especially at night on vacated unlit streets with creepy piano music coming from an unknown source. Back in the shop again now... and cranking production.