San Juans April 03 2013

We spent  last week in the San Juans. Its Awesome down there!!... good snow, good friends, & good snow make for a good time! Snapshot 1 (4-3-2013 10-42 AM) a 45minute skin from the top Red Mountain Pass is the standard kiting playground:  McMillian peak (12,800'). McMillian has broad west facing slopes that draw in great wind.  There are huts & just below treeline making overnight access to this terrain very easy. McMillian Summit 01 That's the big radio sign just left of the canopy on the summit of McMillian.   We topped out every highpoint along the ridge to the background noise of gunshots coming from lower in the valley... All in good fun! Snapshot 1 (4-3-2013 10-31 AM) Snapshot 1 (4-3-2013 10-34 AM)We made it over to Telluride as well... Tomboy & Ingram Basins are calling!!!... and some bigger ascents too! Its off to Summit County next week for more fun!