March - Like a Lion! March 05 2008

Dave Weissmann on Loveland Pass Cornice in 2007 Big winds and lots of snow, just the March forecast we had in mind. The back country remains "multi-faceted" in more ways than one. Coming down will continue to be more dangerous then going up but expect to trigger deep hard slabs on almost all aspects. Winds have remained W thru NW for most of our weather cycles. Some very strong winds occurred last night so all of the BC rules will have changed this AM. Everything but West facing is now rated considerable. Friday afternoon is our next scheduled UpSki outing and it looks like Loveland Pass if the winds stay NW. We had to laugh, Greg Dietl was having Lunch at Mango's in Redcliff, CO the other day and encounterd some Snow Kiter's who said that they had heard of UpSki but that it didn't work except in narrow wind ranges for ascent. We laughed, this is what we have been saying about kites for years! Actually Kites have improved in their high wind handling but still nowhere near the 8-60 mph range of the UpSki. As for ascent, Kites fly in the stronger winds 9o feet above the terrain which helps them gain energy but for going up in a 20 mph wind it would be hard to beat the UpSki.