Warren's Windy Day April 16 2008

Packing up after a fast ride Warren has climbed almost all of Colorado's Fourteeners and extensively ski tours. So for him, strong gusty winds were just to be expected on his first UpSki outing. Tunnel Bowl and the peaks above and beyond it are often used for training walks by Warren and his friends, on this day, he got the fast ascent version. The winds were forecast to be 15-25 with Gusts to 40 and the wind guage a mile away later showed why we were tossed around with such force. Gusts were actually to 60 mph and average winds in the 30-40 range.  After a few training runs we got a pretty solid ride into the lower valley.  One particular strong gust caught Warren working on his venting technique. Clearly this isn't golf but even so, a sudden blast of wind helped create the perfect Buettner Divot . While we sought the shelter of the wind protected lower valley we were still getting very strong wind. Not to let a little body slam get in his way, Warren followed me up to the 12,000 foot level and the upper bowl. The ride was hot but with the stronger than forecast winds we skied out. Pretty impressive day for a senior mountaineer.