Summer of Love September 02 2008

Bud and Tania got married on Saturday August 30th, and UpSki was well represented. Not only was the toast given by an UpSkier Trey but the Pig was roasted by Brian and the cake was baked by lady friend of Pete. The Groom was none other than Bud Robinson and the Marrying guy was me, Phil Huff! Tania was the incredible together Bride who seemed to handle pretty well Bud's abduction for 30 hours, at 4 am, being whisked off to LV by Chris, Trey, Brian and a dozen others.  pretty well. After all, he was back several minutes before the rehearsal dinner. John and Sara are in Alaska where they have kept us posted and amazed by John's excellent photography skills and Sara's equally hot computer communications. I talked with John from Talkeenta air strip where I briefed him on the history behind K2 aviation and Kitty Banner.