Goat Mountain UpSki May 23 2009

Goat Mountain is the local name for the NorthWest facing flank of 13,200 foot Mt. Sniktau and it is just a couple of miles NE of Loveland Pass, Colorado. When the spring winds stay West and North of West this face is a great place for UpSki after Loveland Basin closes. Why wait until after Loveland Basin closes? Something about the Avalanche Path that forms Goat Mountain. Bud Robinson and Kevin Passmore joined Phil Huff to test out the latest equipment from John Stanford. Kevin is completing work on the lightweight backcountry version of the control center. John's modified venting system weights less then half of the old version and even the larger prototype weighted less then a conventional canopy. This spring the new prototype grid on the special "stealth" orange and blue prototype canopy got a workout in ridgetop winds that hit 40 mph one day and close to 50 mph the second. It preformed really well. http://picasaweb.google.com/upskiing/GoatMtnKevinUpSki#