Commercial Sewing


Contract Sewing & Design:


As a sewing manufacture and design shop, UpSki is ready to take on your custom, prototype, or production project. We specialize in small-medium lot cut and sew manufacturing. Our services include product design, CAD modeling, prototyping, sample making, and production.

Our equipment includes Brothers, Consew, Juki, and Singer industrial sewing machines. We have single needle, double needle, drop feed, needle feed, walking food, bar-tack, zigzag, serger, lock stitch and chain stitch machines.

Other equipment and capabilities we provide include artwork/logo transfers, grommets, rivets, hot cutting, and light assembly.



Repair Services:


Serving Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley with sewing repair, outdoor gear repair, and backpack repair. We offer repair services on an appointment/walk-in basis. We will work on outdoor gear and some apparel. We perform all  work as fast as possible, (often while you wait or less than one week to get your goods back into your hands.)


Example Pricing:

  • Reinforcement stitching or bar-tacks $5 - $15
  • Add a grommet or rivet: $5
  • Patch a hole in a backpack: $10 - $40
  • Attach an embroidered patch: $5 - $10
  • Replace worn-out webbing/backpack straps $5 - $20
  • Replace broken buckles: $5 - $15
  • Velcro replacement: $5 - $20
  • Replace zipper sliders: $10 - $20
  • Backpack frame and frame-bag interface repairs: $15-$80


We will provide a price estimate on most work before we start, so you will know your cost before committing. We estimate most work at $60/hr. Because we have a wide array of specialty tools, machines, and materials on hand, we can perform most work in an efficient, cost effective, and professional manner. We may refuse work or re-direct you to a different service provider if we are not well suited to the specific work.

Save time and money by cleaning your item before bringing it in. (Washing machines are great. For large items, soapy water and a brush, or vacuuming out the dirt/dust will be acceptable.) Secondly, remove extra parts (backpack lids, etc.) and empty all pockets (large bills exempt!) We request that large and bulky items be picked up ASAP after completion of work.


Work that we may refuse:

  • Dirty items
  • Anything by mail (we do repair work in person only)
  • Sewing through >1/4″ thickness materials
  • Load bearing climbing, paragliding equipment, or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Apparel alterations, tailoring, and home decor (contact Mountain Side Sewing)
  • Horse, equestrian, and heavy leather products (contact Rachel’s Sewing Repair)




Machine Repair


UpSki provides sewing machine repair for industrial lock stitch machines in the Roaring Fork Valley. Contact us for further information. (we do not work with domestic machines, or sergers)