Quarry Saw

$ 76.00


The Lightest Snow Saw... period! 

This carbon composite saw eliminates all your excuses for leaving your snow saw at home. It is low profile and at a mere 50g can live in your pack indefinitely. It has 300mm of teeth and 400mm cutting length for preparing snow column test. Teeth are at 20mm increments and a grain-size grid is provided at 1mm & 3mm for quick measurement reference. Sheath included. 

We've done our tests - and want to let you know it is best suited for cutting snow and is not desirable for wood, solid ice, sheet-rock, nor other around-the-house chores you might be tempted to test it on. We promise - your spouse will NOT be impressed when you bring your Quarry Saw to the dining table! 100% made in Colorado. 


  • Material: carbon fiber composite blade, Fabric sheath & handle
  • Cutting length: 400mm
  • Full dimensions: 520mm X 30mm X 5mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Reference Measurements: 1mm & 3mm grain size grid, 10mm/20mm teeth increments, 300mm teeth length.

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